Help with loading and playing Doom Wads. Also solutions to a few common problems.

Installing Wads Using The ZDoom And GZDoom Ports

1-Copy the DooM  files to an empty folder.
2-Add the ZDoom files to that folder.
3-Extract the files from the mod you want to play to that folder.
4-Copy/send the zdoom.exe to your desktop.
5-On the desktop right click on the zdoom shortcut, go to properties and add this to the target line: "space" -file "space" xxx.wad then click on OK. Now just left click on the zdoom shortcut.
6-If the mod also has a deh file you would add it to the target line after the xxx.wad by adding another "space" -deh "space" xxx.deh

(Where xxx.wad is the name of the wad and xxx.deh is the name of the deh file if one is included with the mod. Also "space" means leave a space there, do not type "space".)

The target line should look something like this: "C:\DOOM2\zdoom.exe" -file xxx.wad
 or "C:\DOOM2\zdoom.exe" -file xxx.wad -deh xxx.deh


Note: If a Doom mod has a pk3 file instead of a wad file you would load it the same way: -file xxx.pk3

The above installation instructions will also work when using the GZDoom port.

Some Common Problems:

You get the message: I_RegisterSong: Stream Buffer Setup FAILED

Solution: In Legacy click on the Setup button, then check the disable Midi Music box. In Zdoom type -nomusic on the command line after the wad you already entered.


You get the message: Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of xxxxx bytes.

try to increase heap size using -mb parameter (actual heap size: xxx MB)

Solution: In Legacy click on single map. Check the additional options box. Type -mb 20. Then click OK. You may need to go higher but 20 is a good place to start. In Zdoom type -mb 20 on the command line after the wad you already entered.

Problem: You get trapped in a game due to a bug in the game wad.

Solution: Type idclip, move away from the bad area, then type idclip again to continue playing the level.

Also the Doomworld Forum has a very good FAQ section. If you still need help I sugest joining the Doomworld Forums and asking your question there.

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