I moved the old update news to this page to free up space on the Home Page.

7/25/08 Added ZPortal (Zdoom Portal Gun) today. This is not a shoot them up game. It's a puzzle/obstacle course instead. There are 4 levels in a hub. As an example, you use a portal gun to shoot a portal to a platform on the other side of a pool of lava then place a portal near you. When you walk through the one near you it transports you to the orther portal. It's a very interesting idea and starts off easy. The problem I had with it is the obstacles get hard quickly. In some places you need to push a switch then shoot a portal past a moving pillar or opening door before it resets/closes. The portals can also be removed using a portal removal tool in your inventory. I think this would make a nice feature to incorporate into a normal Doom game. I am listing it here because of how far the author has been able to push the Doom engine. It's is made for one of the latest versions of the GZdoom port and is on the Zdoom page.


7/24/08 Well it's been two weeks since I last updated this site. I played through about a dozen new to me wads without finding anything worth listing until today. Hybrid Fragments is a 3 level demo of what will hopefully be a full megawad. It has a nice sword in place of the chainsaw that really chops up the aliens. Level design and gameplay are good. It's short but worth a try. It's on the Zdoom page.

7/10/08 Added Community is Falling 3 today. It has 36 levels and is on the Zdoom page. I don't usually list joke wads on this site but this one is pretty good. It's based on friction between the Doomworld and Zdoom.org communities over who leaked the Doom 1 KDIZD (Knee Deep in Zdoom) wad. Unless you are familiar with these two forum communities you may not get a lot of the references. Anyway there is a lot of scripting, loads of Strife textures and features, and decent gameplay.


7/9/08 I replaced Dark Resolution 2008 on the Zdoom page with an updated version today.


7/8/08 Added Xenus 2 today. It has 10 levels and is listed on the Zdoom page.


7/7/08 I just added a new for 2008 HeXen episode named Dream of Majic. It has 5 levels and is for the GZdoom or Zdoom ports.

7/3/08 Added Z Pack today. It has 30 levels and is on the Zdoom page. This one is from the Zdoom community. It just came out last year and is very good.


7/2/08 Added Return to Purgatory today. It has 7 levels and is on the Smaller wads page. It uses Doom 1 textures, has mostly simple level design with pretty good gameplay. This is a modified version of the Return to Purgatory wad I already had listed.

7/1/08 Added Kari's Wad today. It has 11 levels and is on the large wad page. It has mostly simple level design and basic textures but good gameplay.


7/1/08 Added Carnage Galore III to the Hexen page also. It has 30 levels.


6/30/08 Added Dark Realms v3.0 to the Hexen page today. It has 16 levels.


6/30/08 Added Jonesin today. It has 5 levels and is on the Smaller wad page. If you like puzzle type wads try this one out.

6/29/08 Added Full Options today. It has 2 levels and is listed on the Smaller wads page. Don't miss this one. It has good level design and very good gameplay.


6/29/08 Added Freedoom today. It is a stand alone iwad with 30 new levels. I listed it on the menu.


6/24/08 Added Heretic TC today. It has 30 levels and is on the Zdoom page.


6/21/08 Added Hells Bells with 29 levels today. It's on the Zdoom page. This is the last of the original wads I had listed that I could not find a link for. This is a good one.

To free up space on this page I move the older update info to the Old News Page.

6/20/08 When I updated this site in February there were some wads I did not find links for. Today I uploaded 4 of them. River of Revenge has 6 levels and is on the Smaller Wads page. Rest in Peace has 2 levels and is on the Smaller Wads page. Corporate Doom has 6 levels and is on the Smaller Wads page. And Chris Zasada's World Wad has 30 levels and is on the Megawad page.


6/10/08 Added Deus Vult today. It has 4 smaller maps (levels 1-4) or 1 huge map (level 5). Its on the Zdoom page. Since Deus Vult 2 came out I thought I should also list the first one.


6/9/08 Added Deus Vult 2 today. It has 9 levels and is on the Zdoom Page. This one is very good! The file is large but it's worth the download.

6/8/08 Added Caverns of Darkness today. It has 10 levels and is listed on the Zdoom Page. This one is very good.


6/7/08 Added Lost in Hell today. It has 4 levels and is on the Zdoom Page.


6/6/08 Added Scimitar today. It has 20 levels and is on the Zdoom Page.


6/5/08 Added 10 Sectors with 30 levels and 10 Sectors Part 2 also with 30 levels today. They are on the Zdoom Page. I don't know how I missed these two before. I've had them for years.

6/4/08 Added 1024-4 Directors Cut and 1024-4 Directors Cut Version 2 today. They  have 16 levels and are on the Zdoom Page. I also added two 3 level wads to the Zdoom page : Vermillion and The Agony And The Ecstacy.


6/3/08 Added Evil Journey Plan A today. It has 5 levels and is on the Zdoom Page. Also DoomWadStation is up. I knew that as soon as I replaced all those links it would be.


6/3/08 I added a View Reports link to the Report Broken Links section of the menu. I think someone(s) tried to sent me a broken link report. Or 6. I had 6 messages that a report was made out but there were no reports there. Anyway if you find a broken link and make out a broken link report you can view it by clicking on view report.

6/2/08 Added a Hexen wad today. Wolfen has 5 levels and is on the Hexen Page. I had this one for a while but could not get it to load. I found a version of Zdoom that it will work with. I included a download link for that Zdoom version. I also added a new download link for the Hexen Korax mod. 
6/2/08 Today I finished uploading the last 3 files and linked to them. I also fixed some errors in wad names that I found. All download links should work again. Let me know if any don't.


6/1/08 I fixed 30 of the broken links this afternoon. There's only 3 left to go. I am going to upload them to filefront.

6/1/08 Well bad news/good news time. I ran my link check program and found 33 broken links. They were all from DoomWadStation. I tried to visit the site with no luck. I don't know if they are down temporarily or for good. The good news is I have already found different links for 15 of the wads. I just need to make sure they are in fact the same. If they are I will change those links tomorrow. As far as the rest are concerned if DoomWadStation stays down I will upload them myself to my Filefront page and link to them. It should be done in a few days at most. FYI: I don't know how long DWS was down but I did not get any broken link reports. If you find a broken link please let me know. I will try to fix it ASAP. You can just go the the comment box and say that the xxx.wad on the xxx page link is broken.


5/31/08 Added Not So Simple today. It has 8 levels and is listed on the Smaller Wads page.

5/30/08 Added Doom Commando. It has 7 levels and is on the Smaller Wads Page. It has basic textures, good level design, and good gameplay.


5/30/08 Added Mortal today. It has 5 levels and is on the Smaller Wads Page. This one is OK. it has basic textures, pretty simple level design, and good gameplay. If you want to fight a LOT of monsters at the same time give it a shot.

5/29/08 Added The Ultimate Torment and Torture with 8 levels. I had been saving this on for a while because I liked the orginal T&T episodes and was looking forward to playing it through. It was just as good as I hoped it would be. It's made for GZdoom and is on the Zdoom page.


5/29/08 Added Doom 64: Outcast with 7 levels. Its an addon for Doom 64: Absolution. Also added Doom 64: The Rekoning with 9 levels. Its also an addon for Doom 64: Absolution. I listed them both on the Megawad page below Doom 64: Absolution.

5/28/08 Also added Ultimate Simplicity today. It has 30 levels and is on the Zdoom page. Very good!


5/28/08 Added Doom: A Megawad In Two Weeks today. It has 16 levels and is listed on the Zdoom page. This is another one from the Doom community. Classic Doom style levels.


5/27/08 Added Zen Dynamics today. It has 7 levels and is listed on the Zdoom page. This is another one for you Zdoom fans.

5/26/08 Added Cold as Hell. It is a hub wad with 16 levels. It is listed on the Zdoom page.


5/26/08 Added Aeternum today. It has 3 levels and requires the Zdoom or GZdoom ports. This one is hard! You need to keep moving because if you stand still you will die. If you like a challenge give it a shot. It's on the Zdoom page.


5/25/08 Added Epic today. It has 5 levels and requires a Boom compatible port. It is very good. It's on the Zdoom page.

5/24/08 Here's another one for Zdoom. Demons of Problematique has 3 levels plus a intro level and ending level. Check out the fight between the barons and the marines out the window at the start of the game. This one is hard! I had to keep moving to avoid getting trapped and killed again and again. It's on the Zdoom page.


5/23/08 This one is for you Zdoom fans. RTC-3057: Blue is a hub wad with 7 levels. It's on the Zdoom page.


5/22/08 Added Dark Resolution 2008 today. It has 11 levels and is on the Zdoom page. This is another good community project from the guys at Doomworld.

5/21/08 I've been working on my Duke3D site for the last few months and it's time to get back to Doom. First up is changing the page background and text color. I got tired of looking at that neon green and thought I would try just white on black for now. I have quite a few wads to check out and if they are any good I will list them here. Be back soon. EddyM


5/3/08 Added Community Chest 3 today. It has 30 levels and is on the Zdoom page. This is another great megawad from the Doom community.


4/22/08 Added Demon Eclipse Episode's 1 and 2 today. It has 12 levels and needs the GZdoom port to run. It's on the Zdoom page.

4/15/08 I finally found the Annie Demo. It has 3 levels and is on the Zdoom page.


4/14/08 I finally found the Mancubus wad again. It has 4 levels and is listed on the Smaller Wads page.


3/19/08 Added Acid Hell with 2 levels to the Smaller Wads page and Zaero: Episode 1 with 3 levels to the Zdoom Wads page today. Zaero: Episode 1 is very good!


3/17/08 Added Ultimate Doom 2 today. It has 30 levels and can be found on the Megawad page. It's classic Doom 2.

3/16/08 Added Silent Steel: Adamantium today. It has 5 levels and is on the smaller wads page. This one requires the Vavoom port. I usually don't download Vavoom wads but this one was made by the same team that made Dark 7. Note: there is a new version of Vavoom out: Vavoom 1.26. If you don't have it get it. Also Project Slipgate, Dark 7, and Dark 7 Mission Pack 1 have been updated. The older Project Slipgate zip file was 3.87MB in size. The new version is 3.95MB in size. The older Dark 7 zip was 5.4MB in size. The new one is 5.5MB in size. And the new version of Dark 7 Mission Pack 1 is called Dark 7 Mission Pack (Special Edition). It's 6.4MB in size vs. 4.9MB for the older version.

3/9/08 Hi, just a quick note about what I've been up to. I decided to make a few changes to this page. The nav. bar at the top of the page was hard to see so I made the font larger and changed the color. The Doom2 logo was huge so I made it smaller. I made a screenshot slideshow in place of the screenshots running down the right side of the page. I added a new link to my Duke Nukem 3D site.Hope you like it. EddyM

3/5/08 Added The BGPA Missions: Liberation today. It is a TC with 5 levels. It was made for Gzdoom and I listed it on the Zdoom page.


3/4/08 Added Eternal Doom IV: Return From Oblivion Demo today. It has 7 levels and is on the Zdoom page. I've been playing this one all week. It's from Team TNT.

2/26/08 Added After Doom 2: Deep Space Pirsuit with 13 levels today. It's on the Large Wads page.

2/19/08 Added 2 Wads today. First is Daedalus: Alien Defence with 30 levels. It's on the Zdoom page. Next is Doom 64: Absolution with 38 levels. It's on the Megawad page.

2/18/08 Added 1024-4: Final Mission with 7 levels. to the Smaller Wads page today.


2/17/08 Added Perditions Gate with 30 levels to the Megawad page today.


2/16/08 I found links for all but 7 wads I had listed before.. Chris Zasadas World, Hells Bells, Annie Demo, Corporate, Mancubus, Rest in Peace, and River of Revenge. I wll keep an eye out for them. If anyone knows where to download them please let me know in the Report Broken Links/Comment section. The comment link is on this page. 

2/15/08 I've been looking for links for the wads I did not list before. I found 10 of them so far, all the Large Wads, 3 Megawads, and 3 Zdoom Wads are now listed again.


2/13/08 The Hexen Wads page has been updated. As of today every link on this site works.


2/13/08 The Large Wads page is done foe now. Out of the 50 wads I has listed I found links for 45 of them. I wiil look for the other 5 later.


2/12/08 The Smaller Wads page is done for now. Out of the 66 wads I had listed on that page I found links for 61 of them. I will look for the other 5 later.


2/10/08 Started on the Smaller Wads page today. I think I'm off to a good start.


2/10/08 I'm done with the Megawad page for now. Out of the 45 wads I had listed on that page I found links for 40 of them. The last 5 I will look for later.


2/9/08 I started updating the Megawad page today.


2/9/08 The Zdoom page done for now. I found links for 51 of the 55 wads I had listed on the page. I will look for the other 4 later.


2/6/08 The Zdoom page is being updated. I decided to add download links for each wad. I'm starting with the Zdoom wads.


2/5/08 I have 4 Zdoom wads today. First up is Hellcore 2.0 with 12 levels. It's very good but get's hard is some places. Next is DSV3-War. It has 30 level's was made for Boom but workes fine with Zdoom. You can get both at gamers.org. Next is Bringer of Doom with 6 levels. It came from Doom Wad Central. Last is Hatomo Battles the Yomi Deamons. It has 10 levels, gets hard in places, and came from Doomworld.

1/10/08 It's been a while but I've started playing Doom again. I've got 4 Zdoom wads today. First up is Nightwing with 4 levels. Next is Nokdoom with 3 levels. It was made for the Boom port but works fine with Zdoom. Next is Reanimated with 2 levels. It is very short, (it took me 12 minutes to finish), but worth it. Last is Southern Cross Gold Edition. It has 9 levels and gets kind of hard but not too hard. Get them all at gamers.org.


12/14/07 I took a break from Doom these last 2 months to play some Duke Nukem 3D maps and TC's I found. I will update this site with some more Doom wads in a few days.


10/12/07 I've got 6 Zdoom wads today. The Techwars has 20 levels and is very good. Get it at the Doom Wad Station idgames archive. next is The Biovite Project V4.0. It is also very good with 4 levels. It took me 2 1/2 hours to finish. Next is Dark Castle with 3 levels. Next Death Revealed with 5 levels. This one has lots of rockets, starts off very easy then gets kind of hard. Next is Hell Wad Pack. This one was made for Boom but workes fine with Zdoom. It's very hard so you may want to use a good weapon wad with it. It has 7 levels. Last is Murderous Intent. It was also made for Boom but workes fine with Zdoom. It has 7 levels also. Get them at gamers.org doom2/ports.


9/11/07 It's been awhile but iv'e got 4 smaller wads today. The first is Temple Of The Damned. It has 11 levels and is kind fo hard but worth playing, Next is UAC 2 also with 11 levels. It is very good and took me just over 3 hours to finish. next is Wytchlight with 6 levels. It was also very good. Last is Xaos with 10 levels. It is also very good and took me 1:45 to finish. Get them at gamers.org.


8/19/07 I've got a 20 level large wad today called Core. If your looking for something different try this one. It's kind of strange but worth a try. I got it from Planet Mirror.


8/5/07 I've got a 30 level megawad today. It's called Destroy Hell. You can get it through DoomWadStation. (You may have to change the name of the wad before you load it. The copy I got had a space in it's name.)


7/25/07 I've got 3 more smaller wads again today. Realm of Evil has 6 levels, Realm of Shades has 7 levels, and Riesa has 4 levels. Get them at gamers.org.

7/15/07 3 more smaller wads again today. Into Sandys City is a good basic wad with 9 levels. Perditions Gate has 6 levels and Prowers Collection has 8 levels. Get them at gamers.org.


7/3/07 3 more smaller wads today. Mage Wad has 3 levels and took me 27 min. to complete. Marks Maps has 6 levels (12-17) and gets quite hard. Mansions of Hell has 3 levels and is very hard. Get them at gamers.org.


6/23/07 I've got 3 more smaller wads today all with 7 levels. First is Halls of Doom.Some areas of this wad are like playing Wolfenstein and some of the keys and switchs are hidden. Next is Insane 2. Its a good wad but some levels are very tricky. Skip this one if you don"t like puzzle wads. Last is KillZone2 a very good wad.


6/19/07 I've got 3 smaller wads today. The first is The Darkening:Aftershock. It has 3 levels and needs the Darken2.zip file for its textures. Next is Getrede with 2 levels, and The Gods Trial with 6 levels. The Gods Trial is very good with a lot of secret areas. (A real lot of secret areas.)


6/15/07 Well you can ignore the message about gamers.org being down. The problem is not with gamers.org but with the Yahoo search engine. I checked the link on my download links page and the gamers.org link worked fine. I also tried Google and found gamers.org. I don't know whats going on with Yahoo but I know they are having problems. I had the same thing happen to me when I started this site. I submitted to Yahoo, was listed for a few weeks, and then gone. I've resubmitted to them at least four more times before I gave up. I got around this by joining the WebRing and listing my site name and web address in the WebRing decription page. Now if anyone using Yahoo looks for this site it will show up through WebRing.


6/15/07 The gamers.org site has been down for the last week or so. I've still got about 30 wads from that site to play through. In the mean time a good place to check for the wads I found at gamers.org is .This is a very good idgames archive that has many, if not most, of the wads found at gamers.org.


6/9/07 I was looking through the wads on my hard drive today and found 2 good megawads I forgot to list on the megawad page. they are Fragport and Invasion 2. Also I found 3 Zdoom wads. The first is Catharsis 2 with 7 levels. It has a few minor bugs like the #3 weapon ammo does not show on the status bar, and 1 door would not open for me. It was made for Gzdoom but works OK with Zdoom. Next is Phobos with 4 levels. It was made for Boom but also works fine with Zdoom. Last is Annie Demo with 3 levels. 


6/2/07 I've got 3 smaller Wads today. The first, Fury 667 is good basic Doom2 with 11 levels. Next ETPT Trio with 3 levels is very good. Next is Fort 5 with 7 levels. Get them at gamers.org.

5/25/07 Added 3 smaller Wads today. Return to Purgatory is kind of hard and has 5 levels. DoomTown is very good with 3 levels, and Episode has 9 levels. Find them at gamers.org.


5/14/07 Today I added 4 smaller Wads out of 17 I just finished playing. The first, Antras, has 3 levels, next Armadillo, has 5 levels, Doom Levels of God 4 has 10 levels, and Chief's Wad has 6 levels. They are all fairly simple but worth playing. Get them at gamers.org. 


5/8/07 Wow, two entries in one day. I just finished a very good 3 level wad called Alpha 1 Trilogy. This is one for people that don't mind looking for that last switch to get the key and finish the level. The first two levels have almost 400 monsters each, the third 300 monsters. There is a good amount of health and ammo, and you don't get overwelmed too often. The start of level three, The Gantlet, is really a gantlet, a long narrow room with 50 monsters hidden in it. I think i've seen this in a level I played berfore but I don't remember where. I think this is a must play! Get it at gamers.org.


5/8/07 I've got two smaller Wads today, Alas has 3 levels, and ALS Doom has 2. Their good classic doom levels. Get them at gamers.org.


5/5/07 Well i've downloaded every multi-level Doom 2 Wad over 1MB is size from the larger archives, (except for the ones over 15MB in size. i've got dial-up and it disconnects me after an hour of so of no activity), so i've moved on to the smaller sized files. Today I have two from gamers.org, The first is Odyssey, it has 10 levels, and the second from a different author is Odyssey 2 with 5 levels. Both are kind of hard but worth playing. They are both listed on the Smaller Wad page. Note: Odyssey 2 has a lot of unmarked push walls/doors so I used the Zdoom port because of it's great map.


5/2/07 Added 3 more smaller Wads today. Biotech has 9 levels, Infected Area has 7 levels, and Rylayeh has 10 levels. They are all on the hard side, but not too hard. Good multi-level Wads are getting harder to find but I am sure there are a lot more out there, and I am on a mission to find them.


4/26/07 Added 4 smaller Wads today. 99 Ways to Die has 3 small levels, Immortal has 10 levels, BackPack has 5 levels, and Beyond Doom has 12 levels.

4/13/07 Added 2 Zdoom Wads today. The first is (The Prometheus Experiment), a 7 level Wad from the Toranaga Website. I think it is also at DoomWadStation. The second is (Austerity Demo). This is a 3 level demo of an upcoming Megawad. It was made for GZdoom but can by run with Zdoom also. It came from Tormentor667's site: . I think Gamers.org also has it. I placed a link to Tormentor667's site on the bottom of the Zdoom page because he has some good single level Wads on his site too.


4/4/07 Well thats it for Hexen Wads for now. If I find any more good ones I will list them. So back to Doom. Because there are so many good single level Doom 2 Wads out there I decided when I started this site to stick to multi level Wads. But if I come across a new site with a lot of good single level Wads I will add a link to that site. The first one I am doing this to is a site called Aluqahweb. Go to the bottom of the Zdoom Wads page for more infomation.


4/1/07 I added three more Hexen Wads today. (Chuxen with 6 levels, Drednaught and Knockabout with 12 levels, and World of Zoweswandak with 6 levels.) Chuxen had one small bug in the wad I downloaded. A door on the secold level did not open when I activated its switch. I just used the noclipping code, casper, to get past it. Other than that it is a very good Wad. They all came from gamers.org. 


3/10/07 The last few weeks I took a break from Doom And have been playing Hexen. I downloaded a bunch of Hexen wads and found some good ones. I listed them on a new page called Hexen Wads.


3/2/07 Wow! This site has finally passed the 200 hit mark. (Check the counter on the bottom of this page.) Also I joined the WebRing this week. I hope this brings in some new guests soon. Anyone viewing this site for the first time will notice I have not included download links to the games listed here. it would take me forever to set them up, never mind maintain them. The easiest way to use this sites game listings would be to go to a page like Magawads, write down the name of the first five games along with their zip file names. Then go to the first site listed on the links page and look for the games there. (If the site has a site search feature try entering the zip file name first.) Download the game/games you find then try the next site. Most of the games listed here came from these sites. When you have finished finding those first five games move on the the next five. It will be worth your time. Thanks for stopping by. Eddy

2/12/07 Updated the Free FPS Games page. Check it out.


2/8/07 Added a 30 level Zdoom wad today. (Blood Pack). I got it through zdoom.org. I also added a 13 level Zdoom wad. (Equinox). It's good but some levels get quite hard and you need to run, run, run.


2/2/07 I"m back! I added a Zdoom TC to the Zdoom page today. (ZBlooD) This is a very good Wad based on the game Blood. I had downloaded the Wad some time ago but I could not get to it to work correctly. This version I got from Psyren"s Doom Page througe the Doom Nexus site. It has 20 levels plus 1 secret level. It follows the original game very well. 


/11/07 I added a 30 level megawad today.(Goldeneye 64). I also moved Community Chest and Community Chest 2 to the Zdoom page. They were made for Boom but work fine using Zdoom. I listed them on the Megawads page by mistake.


1/9/07 I finished the FPS Games page for now. I added 12 more Wolf3D games I like a lot. I had not gone to Mr Lowes Wolf3D site in quite a while and found a lot of new games listed on his site when I set up the link to his page.


1/6/07 I added a new link on the help page today. (ZdoomDemos.zip) This is short demos of 25 of the games listed on the Zdoom Wads page.


1/5/07 I added a new page today. (FPS Games). I"ve listed some free FPS games I think are worth playing. I will be adding some more in the future.

1/4/07 I added two links to the help page today. The first (PlayingWads.zip) is to a text file I wrote for using the Legacy and Zdoom ports. It also includes a guide for new Doomers. The second is a folder of Doom icons for use on your desktop.


1/1/07 Happy New Year! I added 2 wads to the site today. The first (Scientist 2) is a very good 20 level large wad. The music would not work for me so I just shut it off. Check the help page if you need to see how to do it. The second wad is a very good TC called (Twilight Warrior). it's a 10 level smaller wad.


12/21/06 I added a Help Page to the site today. I  have listed the solutions to a few common problems I have come across.


12/15/06 I added a 30 level Megawad today. (Heroes 2). This is not a run and shoot type wad. It's more of a shoot and search then shoot and search some more. The text file should be read before playing this one.


12/09/06 I added 3 smaller wads today. (Bitchin 97, Selfish, and Army of Darkness). Also a two level Zdoom wad named (A New Hellspawn), that was very hard at first till I got the hang of it. It has some cool Strife type features you should check out.Find it at gamers.org.

12/07/06 Added 2 wads today at the sugestion of 2 members of the doomworld forums. Longwad is a 23 level large wad with a nice walkthrough text and The Slayer is a hard 11 level smaller wad.


12/03/06 Added 3 more smaller wads today. (Corporate, Dystopia 3, and Egypt).


11/24/06 Added 5 more smaller wads today. (Hello, Ghostbusters, Gun-X, Osiris, and Post).


11/20/06 Added 5 more smaller wads today. (Blood at Night, Cathrsis, Invaders, Lovinger, and Perditions Gate).


11/15/06 Hi there. If your reading this I guess you found this site. Last week I searched for this site using Yahoo and it was not found. I don't know whats going on but until I figure out the problem I set up another site, (thebestdoom2wads.20m.com) with a working link to this site. Until I know for sure that this site is not going to be carried by the major search engines I am going to keep working on it and not go to the trouble of building a new site from scratch.


11/12/06 Added 5 more smaller wads today. Southern Cross, Sector 666, UAC, Anubis, and Blood Doom.


11/10/06 Today I moved Herian and Herian2 from the megawads page to the zdoom page. Herian will run using Legacy but the author recomends Boom or Dosdoom. It works fine using Zdoom. Herian2 was made for Zdoom. I've played Herian2 using Legacy but can"t remember if I had any problems. Also I've added 10 more games to the smaller wads page.


11/09/06 I went through the zdoom wads and listed them on the zdoom page.


11/08/06 I added 2 more megawads today (Vile Flesh and NJ Doom2) plus 5 more large wads ( BAB, Chaos Project, Hell to Pay, K Mega, and New World2). That should be it for now for the megawads and large wad pages. I have a lot more smaller wads left to go through yet. After that the zdoom wads.


11/07/06 Hi,I joined the doomworld forum last month and got a few replies about this site to the thread I posted. Thanks again. Also today I added 2 megawads (DSV and Jives Pack), 1 large wad (TV 1998), and 18 smaller wads. I have quite a few more wads to go through on my computer including the zdoom specific ones and will post the best of them as I finish them.


10/19/06 What do you know? This site is actually up. I gave up waiting for it to be published last month and stopped working on it. Imagine my surprise when it showed up while I was searching for new wads to play using the Google search engine.. Now that I know it's working I will get back to it in the next few days.


9/3/06 DOOM2 WADS! These are the best multi-level wads I have found so far. If you know of others please e-mail their names and where to find them to me.


9/3/06 All the wads listed can be run with the Legacy Launcher (except the Zdoom specific ones),  which is very simple to use. Also if a wad is very hard (lots of tough monsters and/or not much health or ammo) I add a weapons wad like Gun-X  to make it more enjoyable. Note if using the Gun-X wad be sure to add the .deh patch too. (It gives you a lot more ammo and health but will change the apperance, etc. of some of the monsters, try it out for yourself). In certain total conversion games there are other weapon wads available I like to use that change the weapons so they more closely match the game theme.