Last updated: 07-27-2010

The best Doom2 Wads I have found on the Internet. Also a page for Doom2 Wads made for the Zdoom/GZdoom/Boom Ports was added 11/09/06.  Don't have Doom 2 yet? Check out Freedoom on the menu.

FYI - Most of the wads listed on the Megawad, Large Wad, and Smaller Wad pages can be played with any port. I usually used Legacy in the past, now I usually use Zdoom. 

You can also contact me at: doomandduke@yahoo.com


7/27/10 I decided to change the look of this site today. I am using a new editor so it is a work in progress.

4/2/09 FileFront has been bought back by the original founders of the site so there should be no interruptions in service. I had already found a new host and started uploading files to AtomicGamer today so some wads will have two download sites to chose from.

3/30/09 I just found out today that Filefront will no longer be hosting gaming files. I had 37 DooM files there and will have to find a new hosting site or the original hosting sites to link to. Please bear with me. I have a much larger problem with my Duke site. I had over 200 Duke files up at Filefront. Thanks Eddy


3/3/09 I added a new page to the Menu today for the DooM High Resolution Texture Pack. Versions of the Texture Pack are available for seven popular DooM ports.

2/22/09 Added Plutonia 2 today. It has 32 levels and requires the Doom 2 addon The Plutonia Experiment. It is listed on the Megawads page.


2/21/09 Added Doom 2: Evolved v1.2 today. It has 3 levels, requires the GZdoom port and is listed on the Zdoom page.


2/20/09 Added Clavicula Nox today. It is a total conversion with 12 levels that was made for the Vavoom 1.29 port. It is listed on the Large Wads Page.


2/19/09 Added 32 Inch Nails today. It has 7 levels and is for the PR Boom-Plus or GZdoom ports. It is listed on the Zdoom Wads page.

2/18/09 Added Cold As Hell: Special Edition today. It is an updated version of the Cold As Hell TC. It has 16 levels and now requires the GZdoom port. There are various bug fixes plus enhanced fire, smoke, 3d floors, dynamic lighting etc. It is listed on the Zdoom Wads page.

2/17/09 Well it took me a liitle longer than I planned but I'm back. I downloaded quite a few Doom wads over the last week and started playing them today. First up is the Diet 32in24 wad. It has 16 levels, requires a limit removing port and is listed on the Zdoom Wads page. The levels in this wad are small but action packed with a good health and ammo to monster ratio.

1/19/09 I got a comment today that I need to update this site more often. I agree. I have two other sites I am working on right now and I think I took on a little more than I have the time for. One good thing, for me at least, is there should be some good Doom Wads released since the last time I checked. I will be back. Eddy


12/24/08 Happy Holidays everyone! I've spent the last year working on my Duke Nukem site but I have not abandoned my old friend the DooM Marine. I will be updating this site in the coming year. Eddy

10/23/08 Today Kimo Xvirus sent me a link to the hydro.zip file. The one Growlbuster was looking for was the hydra.zip file though. Thank you very much anyway Kimo Xvirus! Here's the link to it if anyone wants to check it out:


9/30/08 I got a message from NONNIE MOUSE today that the Antichrist wad has a virus and messed up his/her computer. The download link goes to the copy of Antichrist I have right now. I placed a warning in the Antichrist wad text line. If anyone else also has a problem with that copy please let me know. Eddy


9/16/08 This goes out to Growlbuster who is looking for the hydra.zip file. I checked my HDD and I don't have it which means it is most likely a single level wad. If it had been a multi-level wad I would have downloaded it a long time ago. I did a quick google search and came up with nothing close. I will keep an eye out for it though. Eddy

8/30/08 Added S.Q.W.I.R.E.L Mod today. It has 7 levels and is listed on the Smaller Wads page. This is another one for the Edge port. Mostly simple textures and small levels but lots of new weapons to kill demons with.


8/29/08 Added QDoom-Quake Done Doom Style today. It has 12 levels and is listed on the Large Wads page. It needs the Edge port to run. I provided a link to the latest Edge version right below the QDoom download link. You can also get it from the More Ports link on the menu. Loading wads using Edge works just about the same as with Zdoom.

8/8/08 Added Claustrophobia: The Walls Close In today. It has 3 levels and is for you Zdoom fans. Lots of scripting, cut scenes and Zdoom effects. The only part I had trouble with was the final boss fight on level 3. The tight areas can work in your favor if your quick and keep you back to a wall when you can.


8/7/08 Added Doom2: The Eternal Wicked today. It has 3 levels and is a classic Doom2 style wad. Lots of health, ammo, and monsters to kill. It took me 35 minutes to finish. You can find it on the Smaller Wads page.


8/6/08 Added Eclipse today. It has 18 levels and was made for the Zdoom port. This is a classic Doom/Doom2 style wad with good level design and gameplay.